FAQ for Online Studies

If you have any questions that are not addressed in this FAQ page, please email us at mdlab@yorku.ca.

What will my child do online?

Activities vary from study to study, but the main goal is to ensure that your child is having fun, so questions are asked in the form of age-appropriate games.  Most of our studies are about children's memory.  For example, we may ask children to watch images on your computer screen and then later we can ask questions about the images they saw.  We may also ask children what they remember about events from the past (e.g., first day of school). This is a great way for your child to engage in what they have learned or experienced.

How do I sign up for a study?  

If you sign-up for our database, once a study is available for your child's age group we will contact you to give you more information on the study, and ask whether or not you would like to participate. Alternatively, you may sign-up for a currently running study if one is available on our webpage.

How long are your online studies?

This depends on the study, but most studies take about an hour, including breaks.  For some studies, this time can be split into two 30 minute sessions.  Specific duration information is provided prior to signing up.

Where do studies take place?  Can I stay with my child?  

As these are online studies, you can participate in the session from the comfort of your own home! All you'll need is a computer with a wifi connection, and you're good to go!  We recommend a relatively quiet space.  For younger children, we recommend that parents stay with their child.  For older children, parents can be nearby once the session starts, however it is not mandatory.

Can I still participate in studies if I am unavailable during regular work hours?

You definitely can!  We will accommodate your schedule, and our studies can be conducted over the weekend or in the evenings.

How do you conduct your online studies?

Our online studies are conducted on a variety of platforms including the survey platform Qualtrics and other experiment-based websites such as PsychoPy. An experimenter may sometimes also video conference you through Zoom so that they may help direct you throughout the study and be available for any questions or concerns you may have - similar to in-person studies!

What if my child decides they do not want to participate anymore?

This is okay!  We understand that a child’s interests and mood can change, so if they decide they do not want to participate anymore, we will end the session.  Your child will still receive their incentives whether or not they complete the tasks.  If your child does later on decide they want to participate in another study, please let us know and we will make that happen!

Thank you for learning more about our lab and what we do!





We thank our colleagues and friends in the D.U.C.K lab at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro for help creating this page.