Join the Lab

Graduate Student Applicants and Postdoc Applicants

Please email Dr. Pathman to express interest.

Graduate Students: For more information about the Graduate Psychology program at York University please click here.  **Please note that students interested in being supervised by Dr. Pathman must select Developmental Science as their first choice area of specialization during the application process, otherwise she will not have access to your application.

Postdoctoral Training: Please visit this page for current opportunities.  Applicants may also consider external funding opportunities and should email Jeni about interest.

Undergraduate Students

Responsible and highly motivated undergraduate students are invited to apply to work as research assistants in the lab. Responsibilities will include recruiting child participants, conducting experimental sessions, coding and entering data. RAs will have the opportunity to participate in lab meetings to learn about developmental and cognitive neuroscience methods and discuss our research findings. Further, this position could lead to independent or honours thesis projects. A minimum commitment of two semesters is required for consideration.

Interested applicants should submit an application through Qualtrics (click here) and send an email to the lab manager to let her know a new application was submitted (Candice Dixon; If you have any questions about the application process, please email Candice with the subject heading "RA Application".  Applications are usually reviewed two months prior to the Fall term and summer term, unless there is additional need.  If the application form is no longer open, please send an email expressing interest with your resume and transcript to the lab manager. You will be contacted when the Qualtrics form has re-opened for the following semester application cycle.

FAQ for Student RAs

Why should I get involved in research?

This is great experience for those who want to pursue graduate school, or even those who want general research experience. Many graduate schools look favourably towards research lab experience, so this will benefit both you, as well as your lab because your work is very appreciated. If you plan to pursue professional school, this is also a great avenue as this is a unique experience and will set you apart from other applications. Research labs also give great experience in terms of developing your interpersonal skills as you will be working with a tight knit group, better your organization skills, and strengthen your social skills as you will be interacting with a wide group of people. This is great practice for those who are nervous around new people, as many are, because you will get a lot of practice doing so. You will also learn how to critically think which is a great asset for those who will be applying to jobs directly after they graduate.

Our lab members are very open and friendly. You will be able to build lasting friendships, both in a professional environment and outside of the lab. Many of our lab members become close friends, and this fosters a very open and welcoming environment. Other than lab meetings, we also do fun things such as go to restaurants and etc.

How can I get involved?

Many lab members work as volunteers, and you don’t need to be from York University. Students from local universities are free to apply. Some students also decide to complete their honours thesis with the lab. Graduate students and postdoctoral fellows looking to apply to the lab should contact Dr. Pathman directly to express interest.

What are the requirements?

  • Volunteers work at least 6 hours per week, plus attend weekly lab meeting.
  • Honours thesis students work 10 hours per week, plus attend weekly lab meetings
  • Experience working with children/ families or in research settings is highly preferred.  A minimum GPA of 6.0 is normally required, but you may apply even if this condition is not met.