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Dr. Thanujeni Pathman, Director

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Jeni Pathman has worked with children and families in Hamilton (McMaster University), Durham (Duke University), Atlanta (Emory University), Davis (UC Davis), and Greensboro (UNCG) to learn about memory and cognitive development. Jeni completed her undergraduate degree at McMaster University, and received her Ph.D. from the Psychology Department at Emory University. She completed postdoctoral training at the Center for Mind and Brain at the University of California, Davis. She was a faculty member in the Psychology Department at the University of North Carolina Greensboro (UNCG), and is now an Associate Professor in the Psychology Department at York University. Her research interests are in cognitive development and developmental cognitive neuroscience. Dr. Pathman studies the development of memory. She is especially interested in learning about the development of contextual memory (e.g., memory for time and space), semantic memory (e.g., knowledge/facts) and the development of the processes and neural substrates involved in episodic and autobiographical memory.

Dr. Pathman is Area Head for the Developmental Science graduate program in the Psychology Department at York, core member of LaMarsh Centre for Child and Youth Research and associate faculty member of VISTA (Vision: Science to Applications).  She is also faculty in the Graduate Diploma for Neuroscience.  She is currently an Associate Editor for the academic journal Memory.

Tida Kian, Graduate student

Tida lab member photoTida has a broad interest in children's learning, memory and brain development. She joined the MDLaB in the summer of 2018 to gain valuable research experience about memory development. In her Honour’s Thesis project, she examined semantic memory development in a naturalistic environment. She was involved in data collection at the Toronto Zoo. Through this experience, she developed relevant skills in recruiting child participants, conducting experimental sessions, coding and entering data, critical thinking and scientific writing and many other valuable skills which is needed in order to pave the way to become a youth psychologist as well as a researcher. During her M.A. she investigated the influence of semantic knowledge on episodic memory. Her M.A. thesis was focused on the effect of semantic knowledge about different types of actions on remembering spatial episodic locations for the actions. Now, she is a P.h.D student in the Developmental Science Program at York University. She hopes to gain more research experience during her graduate study. She believes Cognitive Developmental research give us deep insight about children's learning, memory and brain development and informs educational interventions.

Thierry Letendre, Graduate Student

Thierry first started his studies at the University of Toronto, St-George Campus where he graduated from his Honor’s Bachelor of Science with a Major in Cognitive Science, Major in Psychology, Minor in Linguistics, and Minor in Philosophy. He was a research assistant at the Multilingualism and Literacy Laboratory and the Critical Health and Social Action Lab, both of which are situated at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education. He then went on to work as a research assistant at the School of Communications Sciences and Disorders at Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia, where he contributed to a multi-institution research project introspecting on bilingual language proficiency across provinces.

Thierry continues his studies as a master’s student in Psychology at the MDLaB where he stays true to his personal philosophy that the study of the mind is interdisciplinary. Thierry is currently conceptualizing and synthesizing a novel electroencephalography (EEG) research paradigm in goal of investigating the neural correlates of verbal semantic knowledge and its effects on  episodic memory consolidation in children. His study pertains to the interactions between language, memory, and consciousness in the context of childhood amnesia.

Aarthi Ravi, Graduate Student

Aarthi lab member photo

I am a recent graduate of the Developmental Science MA program where I was co-supervised by Dr.Jeni Pathman and Dr. Scott Adler. My master's thesis involved research related to how early experiences such as being born via vaginal delivery or C-section delivery could influence types of relational memory in adulthood. I completed my undergraduate studies in Bangalore, India, as a Psychology major where my interests in the brain and behavior narrowed down to cognitive processes such as memory and attention.  As a part of this wonderful lab, I hope to continue gaining a deeper understanding of memory development through interactions with children and families, and further develop my research skills. I aspire to pursue a Ph.D. in Forensic Psychology with a focus on autobiographical memory in relation to child eyewitness testimony, and criminal behavior in children and adolescents. I also hope to assist at-risk children and youth in the future. Apart from memory research, I enjoy sketching, reading novels, cooking Italian and Mexican food, baking, and singing.

Tarnpreet Virk, Graduate Student

My current research is focused on factors related to memory development in children, and its impacts into adulthood. Specifically, I will work towards understanding how factors related to one’s early experiences and development in childhood, aid in the storage of memory on a short-term versus long-term basis (e.g., determining which biological and cognitive factors influence memory retention and ability to conceptualize experiences, as well as determining how valence of experiences, such as positive versus negative stimuli, can affect development and memory retention). Through observational measures, I will develop to quantify whether factors such as valence, and cognitive and biological abilities, impact the processing and preserving of one’s experience in a mental capacity. I will work towards determining the prerequisites necessary, for children to not only form salient memories, but also retain those memories over time.

Sharon Zur, Graduate Student

Sharon joined the MDLaB Lab to pursue her doctoral studies after completing both her B.A and M.A in psychology at Haifa University (Israel). Sharon is co-supervised by Dr. Pathman and Dr. Bialystok from the LCAD lab.

Sharon is currently investigating the influence of language experience on spatial-temporal memory.

Master of Arts, Psychology, Haifa University (Israel), 2010
Bachelor of Arts, Psychology, Haifa University (Israel), 2008

Candice Dixon, Lab Manager

Candice Dixon is an undergraduate Psychology Student at York University. I am particularly interested in developmental psychology, cognitive neuroscience and biology. My goal is to pursue a career in clinical research. I have joined the lab to gain experience in research and developmental science. I have experience and enjoy working with children and their families. I look forward to exploring developmental cognitive research firsthand with Dr. Pathman and the MDLaB team.

Casey Aurin, Undergraduate research assistantCasey lab member photo

Casey is currently completing his undergraduate training with a specific interest in working with neurodevelopmental disorders specifically, children with autism. His interest was sparked following his participation in the Special Olympics World Games 2019 in the sport of tennis. Casey plans to pursue his Master’s degree and eventual PhD, and aspires to become a clinical neuropsychologist. His current thesis will explore autobiographical memory details in children with ASD, in relation to their varying aspect of functioning, to ensure their adequate integration to society. The inclusion of children with neurodevelopmental disorders into the community is a cause that Casey holds dearly to his heart. Outside of academic research, he takes pleasure in baking, particularly the French pastries; he also enjoys marveling at nature through walks, and likes playing tennis, and knits in his spare time.

Puneet Parmar, Research assistant, previously lab manager

Puneet graduated from York University in April 2020, with a major in Psychology and a minor in Human Resources. Puneet plans to pursue a graduate degree in psychology, with a special interest in cultural and family contexts and how that impacts youth mental health and development. She has been involved in the MDLaB since May 2018 and has learned a great amount both about the research process and cognitive development in children. She is currently working as a research coordinator in the Department of Pediatrics at St. Michael's Hospital and is applying the multitude of skills gained through the MDLaB!

Henrique Santos, Research assistant

Henrique completed his undergraduate degree in Psychology in Brazil and has experience as a clinical psychologist. He joined the MDLaB to gain research experience and be closer to memory studies. Since his first year at university, Henrique has been interested in memory and has plans to pursue a graduate degree in Psychology, focusing on episodic memory. He is excited and thankful to be a recent addition to the MDLaB team.

Michelle Nedvetski, Research assistant

My name is Michelle Nedvetski and I graduated with an honors Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from York University. My career goal is to become a developmental psychologist working with children. My research interests include personality, cognitive and behavioral development. I have experience working with children of various age groups, including those with different accessibility needs and children undergoing various medical treatments. In my spare time, I enjoy biking, yoga, watching movies, and visual arts. Being involved with MDLab gives me the opportunity to refine my research skills, collaborate with inspiring people and gain the knowledge I wouldn’t find in lectures or textbooks. I am looking forward to the new experience.

Riya Trikha, Research assistant

I recently graduated with a Specialized Honours B.A in Psychology (Cognitive Neuropsychology stream) from York University's Glendon Campus. My interest in autobiographical and episodic memory and thinking developed during my research practicum with Dr. Donna Rose Addis and my honours thesis with Dr. Andrée-Ann Cyr. I hope to not only apply the skills I've learned through my past experiences, but also expand them with the help of the MDLaB and apply them to infants and children! More specifically, I'm interested in exploring the neurological, cognitive and socioemotional factors involved in neurodevelopmental disorders in children, which I wish to pursue in clinical and/or developmental psychology in graduate school! Excited to learn more about and participate in MDLaB's cool research!

Andrea Lebovic, Research assistant

Andrea is an undergraduate student in the Specialized Honours Psychology program at York University. Andrea has returned to school to pursue a new career after working for several years as a Holistic Nutritionist focused on fertility, prenatal, and postpartum health. She is interested in clinical, health, and developmental psychology. She joined the MDLaB to gain research experience working in a collaborative manner with the other lab members and to gain a stronger understanding of development psychology in a clinical setting. Andrea hopes to pursue graduate studies in Clinical Psychology and she is very excited to be a member of the MDLaB!

Lab Alumni

Michael Truong, Graduate Student

Michael Truong is a lab alumni who completed his Master's degree under the co-supervision of Dr. W. Dale Stevens and Thanujeni Pathman. For his Master's thesis he studied the relationship between decision-making and memory through an online experiment. He is now continuing his PhD in the Quantitative Methods area at York university.

During my free time I enjoy trying new recipes and developing my computer network.

Giulia Fabiano, ResearGiulia lab member photoch assistant and previous Honours thesis student

Giulia is an undergraduate student studying Psychology through the sciences at York University.  She joined the MDLab to gain valuable research experience to prepare for her journey in graduate school.  Her professional aspirations are to receive her PhD in clinical neuropsychology and provide care to children.  She is profoundly interested in the development of cognition and memory. Giulia is grateful and excited to work alongside Dr. Pathman and her fellow lab members!

Alyssa Cannitelli, Undergraduate research assistAlyssa lab alumni photoant

Alyssa recently graduated from the University of Toronto with majors in Human Physiology and Italian Literature, and a minor in Immunology. Alyssa joined the MDLaB to explore her passions for neuropsychology, paediatrics, and developmental psychology. She hopes this experience will prepare her for graduate studies and a career in clinical or academic psychology. She's excited to work with such an inspiring team, interact with children and families, and learn more about children’s memory and development!

Carolina Coz, Undergraduate research assiCarolina lab alumni photostant

Carolina Coz is an undergraduate student studying Psychology at York University. She strives to pursue her postgraduate education in clinical psychology. She is particularly interested in child development, which is why she chose to join the MDLaB. She has experience volunteering with deaf children and is excited to gain research experience for a future career in psychology. She is very thankful to work alongside such an incredible lab team!

Sabrina Da Silva, Undergraduate research Sabrina lab member photoassistant

Sabrina is an undergraduate Psychology student at York university. She is originally from Brazil and found her passion for Psychology when she came to Canada as an exchange student. She is especially interested in developmental psychology and clinical developmental psychology. She is fascinated by topics that analyze the interaction between nature and nurture during development. She wants to learn more about brain development as well as gain valuable research experience; and she is sure that the MDlaB is perfect place to attain these two goals. She is very excited to part of the MDlaB team!

Elaheh Farazmand, Undergraduate research assistant

Elaheh is an undergraduate Psychology student at York University. She joined the MDLaB to get an insight into how psychological research is done which will help prepare her to become a psychiatrist. Her favourite topics in psychology include abnormal, developmental, and neuropsychology, hence she is very excited to be studying children’s memory. She loves working with children and says she is certain that this opportunity will open her eyes to a new world.

Linda Godley, Undergraduate research assistantLinda lab member photo

Hi! My name is Linda Godley and I am an undergraduate student majoring in Cognitive Science at York University, with a special interest in Psychology. I have enjoyed learning about memory and learning through my courses, and in the last two years I've developed a deep interest in the neuroscience aspect of these cognitive functions. Outside of school, I have always been passionate about working with kids, and am interested in understanding more about their cognitive development. I joined the MDLaB to gain experience in developmental psychology research, and I hope to learn more about memory development throughout childhood. I am excited to be a part of the MDLaB team!

Isha Jagpal, Undergraduate research assistIsha lab alumni photoant

Isha is an undergraduate student at York University. She joined the MDLaB to gain research experience and prepare for a future of psychology in graduate school. She is interested in Clinical, Developmental and Abnormal stream for psychology. She has experience working with autistic children as well as crisis hotlines. She is thankful to be part of such an amazing lab team and to get experience studying children's memories!

Stephanie Nagy, Undergraduate research assistant

Stephanie lab member photoStephanie is an undergraduate student majoring in Life Science and minoring in Chemistry at Queens University. Stephanie joined the MDLaB to gain more experience working with children and to gain experience in research with children that can help prepare her for medical school to become a pediatrian. Stephanie is interested in many topics in psychology, but she is especially interested in child development. She is very excited to be a part of the MDLaB and the opportunity to learn more about the brain.

Samantha Rebelo, Research assistant

Samantha lab member photoSamantha is an undergraduate Psychology student at York University. She is considering a career in the Clinical Psychology field and is keeping an open mind on who she wants to work with (children, adolescents, adults). She loves working with children and has experience tutoring at Peel Children Centre and looking after her cousins. She is excited and thankful to be a part of an incredible experience studying children’s memory alongside with Jeni and the other lab members!

Nicholas Teti, Undergraduate research assistant

Nicholas lab member photoHello! My name is Nicholas Teti and I am currently completing my undergraduate degree in Psychology. I joined the lab to gain experience in specific areas in the field of Psychology, with hopes to further develop my practical skills when conducting research. I am interested in areas such as clinical, social and developmental psychology. I am also passionate about working with children and my role as an educator, a mentor and a camp supervisor continue to drive this passion. I am beyond excited to start my journey with the MDlaB and I am looking forward to working with such an amazing group of people!

Arushi Singh, Research assistant

Arushi lab member photoArushi completed her undergraduate degree in Psychology at York University and has experience working with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder as an ABA Therapist. She is currently completing her Master of Social Work at the University of Western Ontario and is particularly fascinated by children's development, she would like to work alongside children and youth in a clinical setting in the future. She joined the MDLaB to gain valuable research experience to prepare herself for a future career in the psychology or social work field. She is extremely excited and proud to be a part of the MDLaB team!

Kaizeen Irani, Undergraduate research assistantKaizeen lab member photo

Kaizeen is an undergraduate student from Mumbai, India and is pursuing a B.A. Honours degree with a major in Psychology. Her research interests lie in the Developmental and Clinical field of psychology and hopes to pursue a masters once she graduates. She loves dogs, food and her family and friends. She’s always excited to go restaurant hoping and loves to experience new things everyday. She hopes to gain experience and enrich her skills through the MDLab.

Jasleen Ghuman, Undergraduate research assistant

Jasleen lab member photo

Hi my names Jasleen Ghuman. I am a third year undergraduate Specialized Honours Psychology student at York University. I would like to pursue a PsyD or Masters in either developmental or forensic psychology. I have experience working with children and youth through city run recreational programs. I joined the MDLaB as I wanted to gain experience with research in Psychology and I am interested in how a child’s memory develops throughout different stages of life. I am very exciting to be working alongside such an amazing team and look forward to all our future research projects!

Shubhangi Joshi, Undergraduate research assistant

Shubhangi is a 3rd year undergraduate student studying Psychology at York University. She has experience working with children who have developmental disabilities. Her areas of research interests range from Developmental to Clinical Neuropsychological, with a special focus on attention and memory. She can always be found with her nose buried in a book. Shubhangi is grateful to be a part of the MDLab and the opportunity to take part in innovative research.

Yang Lin, Undergraduate research assistant

Yang lab member photoHi my name is Yang Lin. I am an undergraduate Cognitive Science student at York University. I’m especially interested in exploring human memory, cognition, perception, and language.  Over the years I have multiple professional and volunteer work experiences interacting with adults and children.   I am super excited to be a part of the MDLaB and working alongside such a great team.